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  • Always coming up with the NEXT BIG IDEA

  • You revel in What's NEXT

  • Day-to-Day tasks get in the way of YOUR Creativity

  • Your team runs for the hills when your email subject line is "What do you think of this?"

  • You were told as a child your head was in the clouds

  • The list goes on and on...


How do you Achieve YOUR Vision


Make More MONEY?

You Partner With an Integrator


We are Integrator CFOs for Visionary CEOs
Strategy, Expertise, RESULTS

Book your $50K Challenge to review 3 issues plaguing YOUR business today.

We'll find you $50,000 in additional revenue, in 45 Minutes, GUARANTEED!


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Integrator CFOs for Visionary CEOs

What is holding YOUR financial future back?

Busy Creating

Busy Doing

Wearing Too Many Hats

Focusing on The Summit Rather than the Climb

Too Many "Yes" People around you

We Create Strategies

That Fit YOU

That Fit YOUR Personality


That Fit YOUR Industry

Don't Let Anything Hold YOU Back
Achieving Your DREAMS!

Into English!

We Translate Finances

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Like many businesses, you were fine without a CFO… for a while. 

Now you’re adding customers, employees, and vendors, and your finances are getting more complicated by the minute. You know you should be planning your business’s next big move, but it’s hard enough to keep track of where the money is coming and going day-to-day.

You could spend hours poring over your finances, or months recruiting and onboarding an in-house CFO (who’ll require a full-time salary, plus benefits, stock options, and more).

Instead, hire our trusted Virtual CFO team to jump in right away.

With experience serving a variety of industries, we provide quick-hitting financial strategies and insights at a fraction of the cost of an in-house CFO.

It’s time to stop sweating over your finances and get back to growing your business.

Schedule YOUR $50K Challenge TODAY!



Whether you’re seeking a long-term advisor or an interim CFO to bridge the gap, our team is ready to hit the ground running and help you achieve your financial goals.

CFO Strategy

Financial Strategy

Understand your cash flow, develop an effective tax strategy, and make better financial decisions with a consultant who has YOUR growth in mind.

Yoga CFO Creative CFO Integrator CFO

Process Improvement

Get efficient and replicable systems to save time and money and reduce stress – both today and as your business grows.

Graphic Designer CFO Creative CFO

Financial Liaison

Easily review all your financial information in one place. We communicate between your internal bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and payroll departments, as well as your external auditors, board, and investors to bring everything together for you.

Adam Kae Way CFO



I'm Adam Knihtila, the founder of Adam Kae & Associates


I'm the Integrator CFO for Visionary Business Owners


to not only CREATE a financial strategy


successfully IMPLEMENT it!

After growing a successful accounting practice and serving a broad range of businesses, I realized I could harness my decade-plus of financial strategy experience to help businesses and nonprofits strategically grow their organizations.

Today, my team and I help these leaders command their finances and streamline their systems so they can have peace of mind, make better decisions, and take their organizations to new heights.

The FIRST STEP is to schedule YOUR $50K Challenge

It is ONLY 45 minutes

But the ROI is enormous!

During it, we'll look at 3 issues plaguing YOUR business and keeping YOU from reaching YOUR true potential.

Ready to get started?

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“Adam has a heart of gold and truly cares about his clients and the community. I always recommend him first.”

– Alayna Stiffler

Creative CFO Integrator CFO

Your Fractional



Book Your $50K Challenge to review 3 financial issues plaguing YOUR business and we'll find you at least $50K in additional revenue in

JUST 45 minutes.

This will allow YOU to

  • Pay Yourself More

  • Hire New Staff

  • Buy New Equipment

  • Offer Benefits

  • Get Your Business Ready to Sell

  • Eliminate Cash Flow Issues

  • Increase Revenue

  • Eliminate Other Financial Challenges