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Credit Card Processing Fee Case Study

Digital Marketing Agency Case Study

Digital Marketing Agency Client saves $72K/year

in less than 2 months of working with CFOAdam

Can you guess how he helped them save that much?

Credit Card Processing Fees


Look at how much your credit card processor is charging you each month to collect payments

Typically this is in the 3%-3.5% range

If you are processing $100K/month that is a $3,000-$3,500 cost per month


Change Credit Card Processors so that you can utilize

Cash Discounting

Laws have changed in recent years that allow you to LEGALLY assess the processing fee to your customers


YOU Collect Your Full Invoice

or pay a small ACH fee

You can make this change in under a month and see the full value of your invoices hitting your bank account instead of the net after the processor removes their fee

It's 2023


Digital Marketing Agencies don't HAVE to pay credit card fees for your customers

It's true!

By cash discounting, if your customers choose to pay with a credit card you can set it up where
THEY pay the fees

Our digital marketing agency client made this switch and is going to save over
$72,000 this year!

What does $72K mean to them?

  • Covers an employee's annual salary

  • Offering better benefits

  • Months of loan payments

  • Improved Cash Flow

  • Peace of Mind

Digital Marketing Agency Client saves $72K/year
Credit Card Processing Fees CFOAdam
Are you ready to find 72K for your digital marketing agency?
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