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Answers with Adam: Choosing Between a Specialized Hire and a Virtual Assistant

CFO Adam: Do you want to grow your digital marketing agency?


Answers with Adam:

If you're looking to free up time, usually there are two options: a specialized hire or a virtual assistant. Which one do you choose if you can only pick one?

CFO Adam:

I'm very detail oriented, but I also get overwhelmed by the what I call the day-to-day like mundaneness details of the business. You know, like if I'm in an Excel spreadsheet. I can spend hours in there digging into anything and everything, but force me to manage my calendar and clean my email inbox out and things like that. Blah.

That's where my virtual assistant really helps. She does all that cleaning for me and it's like, okay, here's the three emails that are actually important for you to look at. And the other 30, I don't even realize that they were there. Oh, here's a rundown of your calendar for the day. Here's when your meetings are kind of top of mind.

Like, okay, like if I'm dug into a spreadsheet that I can dig my way back out before that meeting and, and prepare for it. Having someone that's really understands your business is valuable, but having someone that can manage all those day-to-day tasks is valuable too. And so as far as priority level, you have to prioritize.

If you can only choose one or the other, which of those you need to do first? My thought? It's the detail-oriented one. Because if you can get all those detail-oriented pieces taken care of, then that's going to free up time and effort and things like that from you.

By adding on the person that knows your business, then you can start getting into those higher level strategic type conversations on how do I make all of this work now that I've got the basis laid and I've got all that stuff built and that foundation there.


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