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Answers with Adam: What Inspires You About Other Business Owners?



What inspires you about other business owners?

CFO Adam:

The biggest thing that inspires me about other business owners is the energy they flow into their business every day, every week, every month.

To see them hitting goals, to see them hiring new staff, to see them bringing on new clients, that is so empowering to me because the more they grow, the more I'm able to help them.

To see them light up and celebrate those things, when we have those biweekly calls and just say, hey, we just signed the biggest client we've ever signed. It's amazing.

For some of them, they'd never thought that big before. But by working with them and showing them that this is out there, this is ATTAINABLE, (and you've got all the skills, you've got all the experience to do it) and I'm just guiding them along that path is amazing.


Do you celebrate your wins?

It’s inspiring to get to work with other business owners that are crushing it. This energy keeps me engaged and loving what I do.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

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