Medical Equipment: Rent or Buy?

Exploring the Great Divide

There are many decisions you make when you launch your practice. You're making sure you spend and save where it matters. When it comes to buying or renting, there are a few special considerations you should make.

You might change your mind depending on:

  • Your Specialty

  • The Number of Patients You Traffic

  • Your Brand

  • Your Growth Plan

  • Your Financial Situation

Let's dive in!


While more expensive up front, it has its benefits.

We both know this: medical equipment can be expensive!!!

Think of it like a house!

It's a more affordable long-term option.

It increases your assets overall.

You don't need to worry about negotiations on your lease.


Upfront payments can be expensive, especially if you're a first-time business owner.

You'll have to account for depreciation.

When newer technology comes out, you're stuck with what you have.


So then leasing is the natural option, right!?

It's great for some reasons like:

You can get decent financing options for leased equipment.

You can get cutting edge equipment in your office for a fraction of the price.

Something breaks? Just call the repairman at no cost to you!

You can get some tax benefits from leasing.

If we compared buying medical equipment to buying a house, we can compare leasing medical equipment to renting an apartment.

There are some issues there, too, like -

It's a long-term payment that isn't building you any equity.

If you ever have cashflow issues in the future, having assets might be helpful to you.

Some Final Thoughts

Buy or lease? Well, that's up to you.

But it IS a big decision, and it can affect the financial future of your practice.

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