How to Incorporate Telehealth in Your Medical Practice

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The Adam Kae Perspective

Why Telehealth

496,396. That’s the number of telehealth Medicare claims in 2016.

Between 2015-2016, studies saw a 33% increase in Medicare telehealth.

In the times of coronavirus, we’ll only see these numbers rising.

According to a survey by Evisit, 74% of patients are willing to try telehealth.

This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!!!

Too much reading - decide now if telehealth is right for you:

Is Telehealth Right For You?

We won’t pretend to be doctors - you know your patients best, and your specialty area of medicine might come with some challenges in switching to telehealth.

From the management side of things, here are a few things to consider:

Geography & Demography

Depending on where you live, telehealth might be very ideal or not so ideal.

Are there many providers in your area? What is the age demographic of your patients?

Keep in mind that complicated technology might be a challenge.

If you live somewhere with few providers, telehealth might be an opportunity to expand your geographic boundaries!

According to that same article from Evisit, on average, only there are 40 specialists per 100,000 people in rural areas. Imagine being able to consult from the other side of the country though partnerships!

In addition, rural areas have shown to adopt telemedicine more aggressively compared to urban areas.


Look around, what are your competitors doing? Telehealth could be an ideal core competency to develop, and it could give you a competitive edge in your area.

76% of U.S. hospitals use some form of telehealth,and the numbers are only growing!

Even if you’re not a hospital, your practice could benefit from first-mover’s advantage in your area by offering cutting edge technology and telehealth services!

Your Specialty

Honestly, telehealth isn’t for everyone. No, really. We’re not encouraging it just because it sounds cool. It’s a great option for many types of practice (again, leaving the doctor part to you!), but some specialties simply can’t perform virtually.

Helping Your Patients

Telehealth has a variety of different benefits for your patients.

For one, your patients are saving time, effort, and the potential cost of paying for a driver/carer. In turn, they might be willing to pay more for their virtual visit.

Leaving the details up to you, does every visit need a physical exam? If not, then telehealth might be awesome for you!

We’ve mentioned this before… no geographic boundaries! Imagine collaborating with doctors all over the country to provide a telehealth physician group. Makes us think of the subscription medicine idea a bit more (read more about that here).

Types of Telehealthcare

We’ll say it once again - we’re not doctors, but we do know a thing or two about business management. That being said, there area few popular ways to deliver telehealth.


Make an appointment to chat at 9AM ET with a link. This is great for diagnostics, introductions, follow-ups, etc where you need to directly converse with the patients.


Health portals are so cool! Even if you only offer this easy messaging portal, it can make a huge difference for your patients!


If you need to monitor patients, you might use a monitoring system where they have no interaction needed!

Still curious if telehealth is right for your practice? Take our quick below:

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