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I'm passionate about guiding digital marketing agencies to profitable growth with clear financial strategies and effective systems that save time and money.


Your Fractional CFO

At Adam Kae & Associates, I not only create financial strategies and financial systems for digital marketing agencies, but I am instrumental in successfully implementing them. I take a holistic view of your finances because every decision you make impacts your finances.


I'm Adam Knihtila, Fractional CFO and founder of Adam Kae & Associates. After growing a successful accounting practice and serving a broad range of businesses, I realized I could harness my two decades of financial strategy experience to help digital marketing agencies profitably grow their organizations.

Today, I help digital marketing agencies and their leaders command their finances and streamline systems so they can have peace of mind, make proactive decisions, and take their organizations to new heights.

About CFOAdam

I am on a mission to empower 100 Digital Marketing Agencies to achieve Profitable Growth.
I do this by focusing on strategic pricing, successful hiring, and streamlining financial systems & processes.


My vision is for Digital Marketing Agency Owners to talk about their finances as easily as talking about the weather.

My Core Values


Intentional and meaningful information so quick decision-making is easy


You have 99 problems, your finances shouldn't be one of them.


No business owner should feel insecure with their finances.

Core Values


We’re all humans floating around on this rock. We’re in this together.


You deserve a business that makes you smile

Flip the script

What’s done is done. We focus on helping you do better and lean into what works.

My "Networking" Goal for 2024 is to play golf with 48 people.

Will you be 1 of those 48?

Review of my

Financial Elevation Group

from Noemi Boyer of Happy on Mondays

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