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Your Pricing NEEDS to


Do these questions sound familiar?​

  • Why am I not profitable?

  • How much should I charge?

  • How much will people pay?

  • Should I offer packages?

  • Should I list my pricing on my website?

  • What should I consider in my pricing?

CFOAdam creates Profitable Pricing Strategies for Business Owners like you EVERY day in his

Pricing Intensive

Don't join me if you

  • Have reached financial Independence

  • Love your pricing

  • Never Offer Discounts

  • Never get told you charge too little

  • Only offer "custom" services

  • Don't have $977 😥

  • Hate 100% Satisfaction Guarantees

Join me IF you're ready to

  • Tap into the expertise of a Growth-Focused CFO

  • Grow YOUR business

  • Improve your Pricing

  • Make More Money

  • Sell More Confidently

  • Give Fewer (or NO) discounts

How much more PROFITABLE would you be if you had a custom-tailored
Profitable Pricing Strategy for your business?

Things that are NOT in a Profitable Pricing Strategy

  • Your competitor's pricing

  • The pricing a guru on social media told you to use

  • A price you pulled out of thin air

  • A price somebody (miraculously) said yes to

  • A price (after discounting) somebody said yes to

  • A price the last agency you worked at used

  • Not publishing your pricing because you are a "premium brand"

  • Custom packages for every single proposal

Things that ARE in a Profitable Pricing Strategy

  • Being able to realistically achieve your business goals surrounding revenue and profit

  • Expense data from your business

  • Your staffing model

  • Your target market

  • Your service offerings

  • Do It Yourself, Do It With You, vs Done For You

  • Pricing that you will use in EVERY proposal without having to offer discounts and without taking hours or days to come to that final price

How much LESS time would you spend creating custom proposals if you had a custom-tailored Profitable Pricing Strategy for your business?

What it ISN'T

  • A One Size Fits All Pricing "Formula"

  • A Template

  • "Stealing" your competitor's pricing

  • A Review of your Financial Statements

  • Ongoing CFO Services

  • A Webinar​

  • A Lead Generation Service

  • A Sales Training

What it IS

  • A Profitable Pricing Strategy custom-tailored for YOUR Business

  • Pricing you'll be proud to post on your website and share on social media

  • Pricing so you NEVER have to discount

  • Pricing that everybody can understand

  • Pricing your customers will love because they know exactly what they are getting


CFOAdam's #1 goal is YOU Make More Money!

In the Pricing Intensive CFOAdam will create a Profitable Pricing Strategy for YOU that actually works in the real world of business

Why CFO Adam?

(Why not?)


But, once you've moved beyond that he is going to listen to you and create a strategy that you can get behind and will actually use to profitably grow your business (and your bank balance)

Why this Fractional CFO?


We’ve all made mistakes with our finances (even me). But, that shouldn’t stop us from moving forward to achieve our goals.


Whether you have an MBA from Wharton or no degree at all we’ll partner together to achieve profitable growth for your agency.


We all need to surround ourselves with strategic advisors. I’m going to provide you with options and strategies to achieve your Vision and turn it into Reality.


Every decision you make impacts your finances. I’m not going to just read the numbers from your financial reports. I’m going to interpret them for you and tell you the story behind them then use them as a tool to achieve your goals.

Details and Timing

  • Collect data on your current pricing/services and submit it to CFOAdam

  • Schedule your 1-hour Zoom with CFOAdam where he'll dig into your current pricing and find areas to Strategically improve it

  • CFOAdam will then take a minimum of 2 business days to create your new and improved Profitable Pricing Strategy

  • A follow-up 15-minute Zoom with CFOAdam where he'll present your Profitable Pricing Strategy (this meeting will be scheduled at the conclusion of the 1st Zoom)

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you don't close a deal with your new pricing in 90 days CFOAdam will refund your entire $977 fee

If you've gotten this far

(or don't have $977) there is nothing more we can do 🤷🏻‍♂️

CFOAdam's #1 goal is YOU Make More Money!

Did we mention our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you don't close a new deal with your new pricing in 90 days I will refund your entire $977 fee

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