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10 Reasons an Outsourced CFO is Right For Your Business

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats! As time goes on, you may want to relieve yourself of a duty to bring in expert advice. At Adam Kae & Associates, we can provide that advice as your CFO. Read on to discover 10 reasons why an outsourced CFO might be the best for your small business’ growth:

1. You Need Analysis On a Real-Time Basis

You’re busy running to meetings, analyzing financial statements, and running your business. Adam Kae & Associates provides your financial dashboard where you can view your finances in a quick snapshot. We can help you review your financials regularly to ensure you’re on track to reach your goals.

2. You Need an Impartial Advisor

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get straight answers to hard questions. Adam Kae & Associates can be your impartial guide to the challenges you’re facing in your business. Whether you’re seeking to hire a permanent CFO with certain skills or finding the right way to grow your business, Adam Kae & Associates can be your impartial advisor in making the right choices for your business.

3. You Need a Tax Code Strategy

We help you save costs by utilizing the nitty-gritty details of the tax code. Our goal is to ensure you keep as much money in your pockets as legally possible. With over a decade of experience in taxes, Adam Kae & Associates will help you find deductions and take advantage of tax credits for your business.

4. You Want to Grow Your Business

There are many reasons why you may be hesitating to grow your business. Adam Kae & Associates can give you guidance and cost savings to help you grow your business while still saving money. Whether you’re looking to open your first storefront, establish another branch, or more, we can help guide you in the best path for your business.

5. You Do it All, Let us Help!

As a business owner, you wear a LOT of hats. Hang one up, and let Adam Kae & Associates help. Whether it’s saving you money, cutting costs, or acting as your financial liaison, we’ve got you covered.

6. CFOs are Expensive

Executives are an expensive investment. Save money by investing in an outsourced executive. According to, the average salary for a business earning less than $20 million in annual revenue is just under $200,000. Our part-time and temporary CFO services let you get expert advice regularly while still saving you thousands of dollars.

7. We’ll Grow On Your Terms

Your vision of growth may be different from your board of directors, co-owners, and other investors. We’ll work with you to grow on your business terms. Whether this means acting as your financial liaison to analyze and forecast finances, communicating to board members, or helping you plan your vision, Adam Kae & Associates has your business growth covered.

8. Keep Your Financials Clean

To help your business grow, you need to have clean financials to present to investors and banks. Along with your 24/7 access to your financial dashboard, Adam Kae & Associates can help you prepare documents to present to your stakeholders.

9. You Need to Be Able to Quickly Report Your Numbers

Adam Kae & Associates pride ourselves on our ability to help you quickly and simply. If you need a document, we’ll service you quickly and accurately. No more crawling through folder after folder, we’ve got you covered! Our in-house staff will efficiently pass along invoices, bills, statements, and other financial documents via online portal for secure and seamless transmission.

10. You Need Clean Business Processes Instituted to Simplify Your Life

Adam Kae & Associates can help your company become a well-oiled machine. Through simplifying your processes, we can help you save money and increase your profit. We can help you streamline your finances to ensure your business can continue delivering quality service for cheaper costs.


At the end of the day, your business is your passion, and helping your business grow is ours. Whether you’re seeking to grow your company, fill a hole in your executive suite, or find a temporary CFO solution, Adam Kae & Associates will provide quality service at competitive rates. Book a consultation with us today!


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This article contains information and opinions from Adam Kae & Associates, and the information and opinions should not necessarily be seen as the best possible solutions for your business. Please contact us at to help you find the best solutions for your business.

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