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Adam Kae vs Traditional Consulting Firms

Like many other industries, it seems like business consulting is quickly becoming saturated. While there are many brilliant minds behind many of these companies, there are also many who simply don’t have the experience and expertise to drive your company to success. Consulting is a $260 billion industry where 7.5% of the market is financial advising (like us!) The industry is still actively growing, too! Experts expect the consulting industry to grow another 1.5% between 2019 and 2024. We love data, can’t you tell? Let’s break down some more ways that Adam Kae is different from your traditional consulting firm.

The Best of Both Worlds

Adam Kae & Associates has a rich background of experience in various areas of finance. Adam started as a financial analyst where he quickly grew up the ranks into a third-level actuarial analyst. With these roles, he focused on healthcare data and using trends to predict future performance. He learned about how healthcare firms operate and how he can use data to drive strategy. The next stop in his career was accounting. He started as a tax preparer, and eventually opened his own tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll firm. With his own firm, Adam began consulting with his accounting clients on their businesses. Wanting to further expand his consulting reach, he sold the company in early 2020 to embark on a new journey with Adam Kae and Associates. His goal is to help healthcare firms leverage their finances to grow their practice. He understands business inside and out, and he understands how economics and business finance work together with changes in the environment.

Our Model: The Adam Kae Way

Yes, many firms have a business process, but do they all sound this cool? We believe in giving you more than a to-do list. Unlike our competitors, we take the time to do the deep dive of consulting and implement our recommendation strategies. With the size of your business, you don’t need to pay someone full-time for the position, but you still need guidance to make the best financial decisions for your situation. We can give you both of those as your fractional CFO! Whether you’re looking for a dedicated CFO to lead your way to financial freedom or just someone to temporarily fill the CFO shoes until you find the right full-time fit, Adam Kae & Associates has your needs covered!

Command Your Finances. Level Up Your Business.

That’s our tagline, and we believe in it 100%! You have a unique vision of growth, and we want to make that vision a reality through measurable actions. Think of us as the voice on your shoulder guiding your business toward growth. Risk-taking or risk-averse, we can run the numbers and help you find solutions! Commanding your finances is the all-important step many business neglect. You see the revenues and expenses come in, but you may not know how to leverage them into a comprehensive strategy. Our tagline is the two-part summary of how we work. Once you take command of your finances, you’ll see your business start to level up! It works the other way, too - you can’t level up your business until you take command of your finances.

Adam Kae & Associates puts a twist on the traditional consulting firm. Gone are the days when CFOs are a full-time position for medium-sized companies. Through our expertise, we help you command your finances and level up your business with the Adam Kae Way! Want to get started? Contact us today!


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Disclaimer: This article contains information and opinions from Adam Kae & Associates, and the information and opinions should not necessarily be seen as the best possible solutions for your business. Please contact us at to help you find the best solutions for your business.



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