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Financial Elevation Group: Answers To Every Financial Question You Have Ever Had

financial elevation group - a online mastermind for small business finance

What is the Financial Elevation Group?

I'm so glad you asked.

It's for business owners (just like you). It's a safe space to ask questions and get real answers. This includes answers to EVERY Financial Question you've EVER had about your business (from a GROWTH-Focused CFO).

Where do we meet?

We meet online 1 hour per month (the 1st Wednesday of the month at 1 ET).

CFOAdam takes 4 questions submitted by the online group and Hot Seats each for 10 minutes. The last 20 minutes of the hour we discuss a topic as a group.

Also, recently added is a community group where you can pop in and ask your questions as they come up. This means, access to CFOAdam during his weekly office hours.

How much is the Financial Elevation Group?

The Financial Elevation Group is $97 per month. This includes the online community group where you can get your financial questions answered on-the-fly,and also our monthly virtual meeting where we go in-depth on the topics of your choice.

Is access to a personal CFO worth $97 a month?

Why is this beneficial to me?

Still waiting for a reply to your email you sent 2 weeks ago to your CPA? Pop in our community group and get that question answered by a qualified professional.

Can I cancel at anytime or am I "locked in?"

You can cancel at anytime. We hold no prisoners.

Some of the questions and topics we have discussed include:

  1. Year-end tax questions

  2. Cash flow statements

  3. The best places to find employees

  4. Understanding your financial statements

  5. How to (not) pay the 2.9% credit card fees

  6. Where did all of my profit go?

  7. Why don't I make more money?

  8. How should I price my services?

  9. What is the Beneficial Owner Information filing that is new in 2024?

  10. Why won't my CPA answer my questions?

  11. Why isn't my bookkeeper more responsive?

Ready to join and invest $97/month into better understanding your business finances?

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to Profitable Growth

Fractional CFO Adam

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