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Hiring For Your Business

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, your company is growing and you’re thinking of hiring some help. That help can come in many forms including someone to run operations while you focus on long-term growth, someone to take care of your books, or someone to run your marketing programs. There is so much to be done (as we’re sure you know) so you want to make sure you hire candidates who are right for the job and fit in with your company culture. Keep reading to learn about how to hire for your business!


Of course, we have to talk about the importance of outsourcing! For certain positions, you may not need someone present full-time to do the work. Let’s break down Adam Kae costs compared to a full-time CFO, for example:

Top Executive (like a CFO) salary for small business - $80,000 median (Drive

PLUS Benefits + 401K or other Retirement plan

Compared to

Adam Kae Fundamental CFO Package - $36,000


= Savings of at least $44,000 per year

For the same amount of work, you can save $44,000 per year just by outsourcing your financial manager positions! This doesn’t just apply to Adam Kae, either. Many firms offer outsourced marketing, accounting, or HR departments. Our vision is simple: we believe you started your company to follow your passion, not to be bogged down by paperwork! Leave the other stuff to the pros, and consider outsourcing certain aspects of your business!

What Do You Need in an Employee?

At some point in your life, you may have searched the job boards to find a role that fits your skills and needs. Upon seeing a title that fits your needs, you may have next spent time reading paragraph after paragraph about the necessities. While it’s important in your job description to list those necessary skills, it’s also important to show your company culture from the get-go. Your job description, you should include:

  • Title - reiterate what the job title is

  • Duties - name what the candidate will regularly be responsible for

  • Proficiencies - required skills, certifications, etc

  • Other notes/desires - personality traits, disclaimers, etc

After understanding if these basic boxes are checked, then you can see if those technically qualified candidates also fit into your work culture. If it’s been just you so far, then YOU are your work culture. Think about your work ethic, your motivations, and how you set goals. How do your methods compare to the candidate’s? While studies show diversity promotes creativity in the workplace, it’s also important that you are able to work with an employee’s needs to help them achieve their individual goals, too. Do your due diligence to research interview questions that measure the types of personality traits you’re looking for in a candidate. If you already have a team of employees, you could include them in the interview process to see how they interact with different candidates. Especially if they will be working closely alongside each other, it’s important to get their feedback. In addition, change can be scary for employees, so it may assuage any fears they have by letting them be involved in the hiring process. Training is expensive and time-consuming, so it’s important to make time to search for the right candidate!

Where Could You Find the Right Candidate?

There are so many hiring websites out there: Indeed, LinkedIn Jobs, Google Jobs, Zip Recruiter, just to name a few. How do you know you’re choosing the right hiring site to meet your needs? If those aren’t getting you anywhere, switch up the process. Spend a happy hour or two at local networking events. You could meet your ideal candidate looking for a company just like yours, or you could use your new network to spread the word that you’re looking to hire. Social networking events are a great way to find cultural fit in a candidate, as they are often low-pressure and friendly.

Have you considered an intern? College websites like Handshake can connect you with interns and college graduates looking for both temporary and permanent employment. If you don’t need a full-time employee, consider a semester-long internship with a college student. Because they’re often directly applying skills from their courses to your company, they’re eager to gain the real-world experience you’re offering and you can train them from the ground-up. After they graduate, you then have the option to hire them permanently!


Now that you know the basics, get out there any hire an awesome candidate to help your business grow. Have questions or want to build your growth plan? Contact us for your free consultation with Adam Kae & Associates!


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