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The Adam Kae Way: Our 5 Steps Toward Success

Adam Kae & Associates uses a revolutionary new method to serve our clients: The Adam Kae Way. This process is based on classical business theory with the Adam Kae twist of financial expertise. Read on to discover our method to help founders command their finances to bring their business to new heights.

Step 1: Adam Kae Analysis

In order to understand your business, it’s imperative to also understand the environment around you. This includes looking at the industry as a whole, the market dimensions, and the competition. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Industry Analysis

We take a look at your industry as a whole and see where you fit in the big puzzle. This is different for every client we work with, and we pay attention to many dimensions within the industry such as economic, regulatory, consumers, and competitive environments. This helps orient us to the vocabulary, technology, and practices your industry utilizes in order for us to create strategies to best suit you.

Competitive Analysis

Next, we take a look at who your direct and indirect competitors are. We ask questions like:

  • What are your core competencies?

  • What are your competitor’s core competencies?

  • How could we better capitalize on opportunities to implement money-saving strategies based on your competencies?

We aren’t making any direct recommendations yet, but rather looking at the more immediate environment in which you compete. This further helps us see where strengths and weaknesses lie, and we continue to better understand your business. Furthermore, we want to gain insights into your company’s processes and culture so we can recommend strategies that will work for your company’s unique growth scenario.

A Deep Dive of You

Still in the orientation stage, we start to look at your business and day-to-day operations. Here, we are interested in knowing the answers to questions like:

  • How do different processes fit together within your entire organization?

  • How many people are involved in each step of a process?

  • Are there any clear opportunities to simplify current processes?

Step 2: Activity Optimization

After learning about who you are and how your business works, we take an even deeper look at your business processes. We divide each step of each process into two categories: core and noncore activities. This idea was borrowed from Business Process Outsourcing by Halvey and Melby. In its most basic form, core activities are your company’s core competencies and the resources necessary to fulfill such competencies. For example, if you own a bakery, a core activity could be the process of baking goods with a special style of French baking. Your business core competencies will check these boxes:

  • Does my product/service offering create value for a consumer?

  • Can my product/service offering be easily replicated?

  • Can my product/service offering be leveraged in various markets?

Don’t worry if you can’t answer these questions yourself yet! Part of our process is helping you capitalize on your strengths and neutralize your weaknesses. The Adam Kae Way will help you discover and utilize your core competencies to save you time and money. We also take a look at your finances to see where your financial efforts are currently being placed and then associate them with your core and noncore processes.

Step 3: Advancements & Enhancements

Once we get the full picture, we can start to identify areas for improvement. This could mean recommendations that:

  • Simplify processes

  • Outsource processes

  • Create other strategies to prepare your company for continuous growth

Step 4: Assemble Your Strategy

Depending on your company’s growth timeline, we will build a business strategy of how our recommendations will affect your company’s projected growth. Our business plan will include:

  • Goals

  • Strategy plan

  • Time frame

  • Costs

  • Risk mitigation

  • Any deliverables you may need

Step 5: Activate Your Adam Kae Way

Lastly, we present your recommendation strategy during our quarterly or bi-annual strategy meeting. This is our chance to present ideas and talk about long-term growth for your business. We will then implement the changes and monitor them accordingly with your team!



Our simple 5-Step process ensures your company builds measurable strategies toward growth based on your vision and on your terms. Many consulting firms simply present strategies, but the Adam Kae Way presents strategies that we then actively monitor as your outsourced CFO! Want to learn more? Book an appointment with us today at


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