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Fractional CFO for Marketing Agencies


Digital Marketing Agencies

to Profitable Growth

I handle your LEAST favorite part of Agency ownership: Your Finances

Why a Fractional CFO?

Spend Less Time

  • In QuickBooks/Xero/Excel/Sheets

  • Talking with Your Bookkeeper/Tax Accountant and getting one-word answers grunted at you

  • Guessing what your next move should be

  • Managing your agency based on your bank balance

  • Invoicing customers and chasing payments

  • Not Growing

Spend More Time

  • Being Creative

  • Running Your Agency

  • Leading Your Team

  • Understanding Your Financials and discussing them with a CFO who is about more than spreadsheets

  • Making Proactive Decisions

  • Profitably Growing

Why this Fractional CFO?


We’ve all made mistakes with our finances (even me). But, that shouldn’t stop us from moving forward to achieve our goals.


Whether you have an MBA from Wharton or no degree at all we’ll partner together to achieve profitable growth for your agency.


We all need to surround ourselves with strategic advisors. I’m going to provide you with options and strategies to achieve your Vision and turn it into Reality.


Every decision you make impacts your finances. I’m not going to just read the numbers from your financial reports. I’m going to interpret them for you and tell you the story behind them then use them as a tool to achieve your goals.

Hi! I'm CFOAdam

Founder of Adam Kae & Associates and your Fractional CFO. If you can't tell by my picture, I'm not your typical Fractional CFO. I love to sing, I love candy corn, but most importantly I LOVE the thing you HATE most about running your agency...



I partner with you and look at your finances holistically because EVERY decision you make impacts your finances (and therefore how much you put in your pocket at the end of the day).


How do I do this? I guide you to Profitable Growth from Day 1 without grunting one-word answers at you or ignoring your requests for clarification. Your finances tell the story of your business and I can't wait to be the storyteller.

Let’s start with how your pricing is holding YOU back and I'll create a customized Profitable Pricing Strategy to kickstart your journey to increased profitability.

CFOAdam Fractional CFO

Answers to EVERY Financial Question you've EVER had about your business from a GROWTH-Focused CFO

You can ask any question and get put on the "Hot Seat" each month

Time Commitment: 1 Hour a Month

Investment $97/month

Your Pricing NEEDS to

We'll look at where you're making money, where you're losing money, and which services you should stop selling TODAY

Time Commitment: 2 Hours
Investment: $977

4 Things You Get from Me

as Your Fractional CFO

  • No Judgment

  • I Meet You Where You Are

  • Another Voice in the Room

  • A Holistic View of Your Finances

Time Commitment: As Much As Needed

Investment: Starting at $4,000/month

My Services

The Adam Kae Way

My process guides you to the pinnacle every agency desires: Profitable Growth


Systems and Processes

Pricing Strategy

Hiring Strategy

Profitable Growth

Holistic Financial Strategy

Profitable Growth

These words define your goals

Revenue Growth

Team Growth

Client Growth

To achieve that profitable growth you need a strategy that matches.

Process Improvement

Time Tracking

The number one process every succesful agency owner needs.

Without it, all other processes fail.

Financial Liaison

Asset or Liability?

Do you dread talking to your bookkeeper and/or tax accountant?

To grow you may need to take the difficult step of firing them and hiring someone that aligns with your goals.

Fractional CFO Partnership
Fractional CFO Partnership

Adam came into Jolly SEO for a 6-month engagement that was definitely ROI positive:

1) Created new resources;
2) Suggested updates to existing SOPs;
3) Chased up outstanding invoices;
4) Provided therapy sessions for two long-time bromantically involved co-founders (mostly kidding);
5) Was the catalyst for the team finally acting on my long-held desire to switch the majority of our AR transactions from credit card to ACH; and,
6) So much more that made this engagement ROI positive for Jolly.

Greg Heilers

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