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Marketing Agency Fractional CFO

Virtual CFO

For Digital Marketing Agencies

Let's find YOUR business $100,000 in 45 Minutes, GUARANTEED!

Financial Strategy

Process Improvement

Replicable Systems

Financial Growth

Hi, I'm CFOAdam

Founder of Adam Kae & Associates and your new Fractional CFO. We’re more than just the numbers people. We believe in serving as a bridge to financial growth, Translating your digital marketing agency's Finances into English, and working as your partner. Let’s talk to uncover the top 3 issues plaguing YOUR business so we can find you $100,000 in additional revenue. Schedule your 45 minute 100K Challenge now! 

CFOAdam Fractional CFO

Work With Us

Whether you’re seeking a long-term fractional CFO or a project-based virtual CFO to bridge the gap, our team is ready to help you achieve your digital marketing agency's financial goals.

Financial Strategy

Understand your cash flow, develop an effective tax strategy, and make better financial decisions with a virtual CFO who has your growth in mind.

Process Improvement

Institute efficient and replicable systems to save time, money, and reduce stress – both today and as your business grows.

Financial Liaison

Empower your financial decisions with a partner that communicates between your internal bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and payroll staff, as well as external auditors, board, and investors.

The Adam Kae Way

Our 5-step process helps you stay on track to monitor and manage your agency's growth.

Adam Kae


& Enhancements

Assemble Your Strategy

Activate Your Adam Kae Way

Digital Marketing Agency

"Adam goes out of his way to clearly explain complicated financial issues to his clients as well as followers on LinkedIn. He's a team player, collaborative, and super supportive of other entrepreneurs he encounters."

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