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Marketing Agency Fractional CFO

We Help

Digital Marketing Agency Owners

Like You Buy Back Your Time

Put Us to the Test: What would having MORE of your time mean to your agency?

Why a Fractional CFO?

Spend Less Time

  • In QuickBooks/Xero/Excel/Sheets

  • Talking with Your Bookkeeper/Tax Accountant and getting one-word answers grunted at you

  • Guessing what your next move should be

  • Managing your business based on your bank balance

  • Invoicing Customers and chasing payments

  • Not Growing

Spend More Time

  • Being Creative

  • Running Your Business

  • Leading Your Team

  • Understanding Your Financials and discussing them with a CFO who is about more than spreadsheets

  • Making Proactive Decisions

  • Growing

Hi! I'm CFOAdam

Founder of Adam Kae & Associates and your Fractional CFO. I'm more than just a "boring" numbers person. I'm your bridge to buying back your time.


I partner with you and look at your finances holistically because EVERY decision you make impacts your finances.


How do I do this? I Translate your Digital Marketing Agency's Finances into English from Day 1 without grunting one-word answers at you or ignoring your requests for clarification. Your finances tell the story of your business and I can't wait to be your storyteller.


Let’s uncover the top 3 issues holding YOU back and then I'll create a strategy to Buy Back Your Time.

Schedule your 47-minute Time Buy Back Challenge now!

CFOAdam Fractional CFO




Process Improvement

Replicable Systems

Financial Growth

Holistic Financial Strategy


This is the word that defines your goals.

Revenue Growth

Team Growth

Client Growth

To achieve that growth you need a strategy that matches.

Process Improvement

Time Tracking

The number one process every succesful agency owner needs.

Without it, all other processes fail.

Financial Liaison

Asset or Liability?

Do you dread talking to your bookkeeper and/or tax accountant?

To grow you may need to take the difficult step of firing them and hiring someone that aligns with your goals.

The Adam Kae Way

Our 5-step process helps you stay on track to monitor and manage your agency's growth.

Adam Kae


& Enhancements

Assemble Your Strategy

Activate Your Adam Kae Way

Digital Marketing Agency

"Adam goes out of his way to clearly explain complicated financial issues to his clients as well as followers on LinkedIn. He's a team player, collaborative, and super supportive of other entrepreneurs he encounters."

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