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Adam Kae Shines the Who Ya Know Show Stage!

If you missed out on yesterday's debut, you can catch it here.

CFO Adam guest starred on the Who Ya Know show yesterday. The BowTie CFO talked about the job search, what you can negotiate, and his journey to entrepreneurship.

Here are some of our favorite moments:

The Adam Clap Chant - 43:17

Adam Reveals his Secret Talent- 43:54

Adam's Biggest Challenge - 45:55

A Glimpse of Adam's Past - 47:09

A Message for Job Seekers - 48:24

Ignorance is NOT Bliss - 53:15

If You're Behind on Bills - 54:13

Fractional C-Suites - 55:38

Adam Mentors his Younger Self *MIC DROP MOMENT- 57:21

Transitioning from Corporate to CFO - 58:30

YouTube not your thing? Stay tuned for the podcast link coming soon!

Special thank you for the Who Ya Know Show and everyone who tuned in!


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