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Answers with Adam: Are We A Fit To Work Together?

CFO Adam: Do you want to grow your digital marketing agency?


Answers with Adam:

Are we a fit to work together? Who am I looking to partner with?

CFO Adam:

As far as business owners that I'm looking to work with, the number one feature is that they're trying to grow.

So if I have potential clients come to me and they're like, "I'm making three million a year gross, I get about half a million dollar a year salary on that. I'm happy. I'm content. I don't want to rock the boat. I've got a bunch of long term clients."

They're not a good fit for me. But if I have someone that's like, "hey I'm doing three quarters of a million. I want to get to a million this year. I want to get to two and a half next year. I want to get to five the year after that." That's the kind of growth, that's the kind of focus that I'm looking for in clients. And I literally ask 'em straight out during my sales process, "what are you looking to do? What are you looking to achieve?" If they say "I want to keep the status quo," I tell them, we're not a good fit.

There's other fractional CFO's out there that can help you and keep you in that status quo. But if they're like, "I want to grow. I'm ready for big things. I'm a rocket ship." I'm like, all right, let's get on that rocket ship and go.


Do YOU want to GROW or remain where you are?

Schedule a consult today and let's see if we are a fit!

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