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100K Challenge

Are you leaving REVENUE on the table?

What would you do with an ADDITIONAL $100,000 in revenue?

  • Pay Yourself (and your team) More

  • Hire New Staff

  • Spend on additional Marketing/Sales Activities

  • Buy New Equipment/Assets

  • Offer Benefits

  • Get Your Business Ready to Sell

  • Eliminate Cash Flow Issues

  • Remove Other Financial Challenges

$100K Challenge

Let's Begin Your 47 Minute

What it ISN'T

  • A sales pitch

  • A solution to every financial issue in your business

  • An opportunity for a start-up founder to meet potential investors

  • A path for a pre-revenue business to immediately grow by $100K in revenue

  • An accountability session

  • A lead generation service

What it IS

  • A look into 3-5 financial issues in your business

  • An opportunity to see how CFOAdam considers your current processes and procedures

  • 45 Minutes to "Pick the Brain" of a Growth-Focused CFO

  • An opportunity to identify revenue that your business could be generating without changing processes and procedures

DON'T sign up for the Challenge if you:

  • Are financially independent

  • ​Have a financially-focused business advisor

  • Know everything you can about your business's finances

  • Are content with your current revenue/profit

  • Have replicable processes for your finances

  • Have optimized your pricing

  • Understand all of your financial statements

  • Don't care where the money comes from and goes to in your business

  • Love paying huge tax bills

  • Aren't willing to learn

  • Aren't looking to grow

Ready to grow the performance and profitability of your digital marketing agency?

Which 3 of these would you like to discuss with CFOAdam?

  • Pricing

  • Market Dominating Position

  • Marketing Process

  • Sales Process

  • Alliances and Joint Ventures

  • Compelling Offer

  • Bundling Services

  • Cross-sell and Up-Sell

Did you decide what you will do with $100K?

Would $100K make a difference to your business?

Still Unsure?

Here is a result we achieved for a client

During your $100K Challenge, you have direct access to a Personable and Relatable CFO

Why CFO Adam?

Adam is NOT your typical checks and balances CFO

He Translates Finances Into English

No Financial Jargon Allowed

When is the last time you made $100K in 47 Minutes?

YOU Should be Making More Money!

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