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Are you running out of TIME?

What would you do with

5 MORE Hours per month?

  • Be More Creative

  • Lead Your Team

  • Sell More New Business

  • Schedule Daily 30-minute Naps 😴

  • Build better relationships with current clients

  • Take More Vacation

  • Be More Strategic

  • Spend More Time With Your Family

  • Fuel Personal and Professional Growth

Buy Back Your Time Challenge

Let's Begin Your 47 Minute

What the Challenge ISN'T

  • A sales pitch

  • A solution to every financial issue in your business

  • An opportunity for a start-up founder to meet potential investors

  • A path for a pre-revenue business to immediately grow by $100K in revenue

  • An accountability session

  • A lead generation service

What the Challenge IS

  • A look into what you are spending your time on

  • The information to create a strategy to Buy Back Your Time by Investing in Your Team and Tools

  • An opportunity to see how CFOAdam considers your current processes and procedures

  • 47 Minutes to "Pick the Brain" of a Growth-Focused CFO

  • An opportunity to identify revenue that your business could be generating without changing processes and procedures

DON'T sign up for the Challenge if you:

  • Have all of the time in the world

  • Are financially independent

  • ​Have a financially-focused business advisor

  • Know everything you can about your business's finances

  • Are content with your current revenue/profit

  • Aren't willing to learn

  • Aren't looking to grow

Ready to Buy Back Your Time?

Which 3 of these would you like to discuss with CFOAdam?

  • Monitoring Your Finances

  • Talking to your Bookkeeper

  • Talking to your Tax Accountant

  • Leading your Sales Process

  • Being the Creative Director

  • Handling day-to-day client work

  • Running all business operations

  • Being Proactive vs. Reactive

Did you decide what you will do with Your Bought Back Time?

Would More Time make a difference to you?

Still Unsure?

Here is a result we achieved for a client

During your Time Buy Back Challenge, you have direct access to a Personable and Relatable CFO

Why CFO Adam?

Adam is NOT your typical checks

and balances CFO

Adam Translates Finances Into English

Adam will not grunt one-word answers at you

When is the last time you bought back some of your time?

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