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Answers with Adam: Here's How To Make Staffing A Small Business Easier AND Get Great Employees

CFO Adam: Do you want to grow your digital marketing agency?


Answers with Adam:

How can I make staffing a small business easier while also getting great employees?

CFO Adam:

The biggest challenge with any small business, any business, doing a million, two million, three million a year is staffing. They need to have people that are best in class, but they can't afford, to pay them like a Fortune 500 company can and they can't afford all the benefits that a Fortune 500 company has, but not everyone is looking for those types of pay and benefits.

Some of them it's flexibility. They want to be able to work wherever they can in the world. Some of them it's, they want to work from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM, take their kids to school, come home, work for three or four more hours, pick their kids up from school, be at all their kids events and all their kids, sporting events and music events and art events.

And by having that flexibility, those are things that small businesses can really offer to compete against those Fortune 500 companies.


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