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Answers with Adam: How Many Businesses Has Adam Kae & Associates Guided?

CFO Adam: Do you want to grow your digital marketing agency?


Answers with Adam:

How many businesses has Adam Kae & Associates guided?

CFO Adam:

I've guided dozens of businesses over the course of my career, from back when I was an accountant to now that I'm a CFO, each of those businesses is different, but at the end of the day, it's almost like that business is another child for those business owners. They nurture it. They love it. They want it to grow and succeed.

If it fails, they feel like they fail and that's just not the case because they did everything they could. And by bringing in the right people and bringing in the right ideas, that is when they really succeed. And that's where I come in as a CFO is to help nurture those ideas help them to think about things they might not have thought about before and help them realize that there's a lot more things that you could be doing for your business.


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