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Answers with Adam: What's The Hardest Thing To Advise On?

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Answers with Adam:

What's The Hardest Thing To Advise on?

CFO Adam:

So the hardest decisions I always have to advise on is when it's time to let people go. Because again, this is their livelihood. This is how they feed their family. And that's never a decision that I advise upon lightly. And I always make sure with my clients that it is the right decision. Like it isn't that, oh, this person messed up once or this person made this client mad.

They can always be reassigned to different clients. They can be trained to be, to do their work better, but to make that final decision of it's time to let this person go and take away literally their paycheck and their livelihood. That is an extremely difficult decision for me every single time.


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