Taking the Leap: My Journey to Success

I’ve now done it TWICE.

The first time, I was working in an office. I loved what I did, but I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny!

So I took the leap. I started my own accounting firm.

5 years later, we’d won awards, become an integral part of the local community, and I became “the guy with the free orange T-shirts”. We also had a lot of fun along the way, laughed with our clients, and celebrated their lifetime achievement moments.

Don't get me wrong, I loved it! 🧡

I loved my community. I had hundreds of clients (many of whom had become close personal friends). I loved the intricacies of helping people with their taxes!

But something was missing.

My favorite part of the job was creating business strategies. During these appointments, we'd sit down and work through my clients' financial challenges. The trust that they put in me was immense because I was holding their livelihood in my hands. This is not something that I took lightly. I treated their businesses as if they were my business.

I thought about many things while creating these strategies...

  • What advice do I wish someone had given me when I started?

  • What is the best strategy for their personal situation?

  • What is the way to get them the biggest bang for their buck?

  • Who else can I include in the strategy to make the process seamless and painless?

But, I realized I was spending only a fraction of my time doing what I truly loved!

I convinced a "business coach" coach (AKA a coach for coaches), Mimi Boyer with Happy on Mondays, to take on an accountant as a client. Mimi pushed me to take a leap in a new direction.

I'm eternally grateful I listened.

A few months later, I sold my accounting practice and launched Adam Kae & Associates.

My marketing coordinator from the accounting firm took this leap with me, and together we embarked on a new journey.

I won't lie - running a business in a pandemic isn't easy! It takes hope, faith, and a little bit of luck. 🍀

I believe in what I do, and I am proud to be helping others achieve their dreams during this time.

My focus is on medical practices. These practitioners of the healing arts are so focused on their patients and providing fantastic outcomes that they sometimes lose sight of a goal all business owners have...to run a profitable business.

I take their vision of top-notch patient care and utilize that to create strategies that don't take time away from being with their patients but actually allow them to spend more time with their patients.

It is a true WIN-WIN.

But, you might say, "I don't run a medical practice." And that is ok. Just because we focus on medical practices doesn't mean we don't work with other industries as well.

I hope my journey will inspire you to take the leap into entrepreneurship. If you have already taken that leap, fantastic! If you are hesitant to take it, reach out and let me tell you more about my story and why your story could have the same happy ending.

Feel free to schedule a call with me - let's chat about your leap!


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