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The Adam Kae Way Through the Lens of McKinsey's Horizons

We had an epiphany. That’s right! We saw the star and we’re running toward it! When we developed the Adam Kay Way, we had no idea how big its impact could be on businesses. We’ve previously discussed the McKinsey Business Impact Report, and we wanted to take a deeper dive into the McKinsey 5 Horizons. These horizons urge business leaders, especially amidst the COVID crisis, to think along these lenses in order to create actionable solutions. Today, we break them down one by one and relate them to The Adam Kae Way!

1. Adam Kae Analysis

Don’t focus too much at this point. Make note of your industry, what’s happening in your workforce, what types of restrictions are being lifted, what technology is being used to serve clients you may not be currently serving and what your customers are doing right now. McKinsey calls this “Resolve” and it encompasses all of the different internal and external environments to consider in your situation. When Adam Kae & Associates conducts this deep dive, we also analyze the different market dimensions that might be affecting you as well as your direct and indirect competition.

2. Identifying Activities

Okay, this one is a little different than McKinsey’s “Resilience”, but let’s put the resilience lens on it! Adam Kae & Associates takes that analysis we’ve conducted in Step 1 and looks at your specific particular processes. These might include cash flow, asset allocation, costs, and more! We take a deep look at the activities you do that are vital to your operation and compare them to extracurricular activities you might do for improved marketing, customer service, and more. You can apply this to COVID by analyzing the basic operations of your company and using those basic needs to continue drawing a profit. It may seem strange to invest in outsourcing at the moment but think about ROI and your long-term success.

3. Areas of Improvement

McKinsey calls this “return” and focuses on creating a plan to return to scale. This may seem challenging, as there are still many unknowns in terms of time frame and scope. However, you can still make a list of possibilities and possible plans of action. The small businesses that take this time to think ahead will be able to stay ahead of the curve! Look at what you can do today, and focus on those small things one step at a time.

4. Model a Plan

Also known as “reimagination” to McKinsey, here is where we’ve condensed our areas of improvement into actionable ideas. We can create a plan using the 360 views we’ve conducted in order to get your business back on the train toward growth. We’ll create both short-term and long-term goals for you. We love to have a reason to celebrate, and goals can help us celebrate each step as you pave the way to success!

5. Implementation

One of Adam Kae & Associates’ biggest advantages sets us apart from typical management consulting firms. Most firms do the research, present a plan to you, and walk away. While that outside perspective is often needed to improve the diversity of thought, how do you know you’re actually making progress? With the Adam Kae business model, we can use our combined expertise to create an actionable plan that we implement and manage. This can keep your business on the road to success no matter the storm you’re weathering!


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