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Answers with Adam: Navigating CFO Pricing - A Video Walkthrough

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Answers with Adam:

How does the pricing structure work at Adam Kae & Associates?

CFO Adam:

So the nice part about my pricing is I have one set of service with three ways to pay for it. So there's three pieces to my service. There's strategy sessions, there's biweekly calls and then there's strategy time for me to work in the background. It's the same across all three of my packages, the exact same level of service, but the way you pay for it is slightly different.

So first option I have it's $4,000 a month. If you want to pay for the full year upfront it's $44,000. So you get one month free. Second option is $2,500 a month, but you're also going to set a baseline with me on what your revenue is. And then you get to keep 90% of the amount over that baseline. And I get 10% as basically a bonus or a commission.

Third option is $1,500 a month but then 20% of the amount that goes above that baseline. So you, in all those cases, get to decide how much you want to pay on a fixed monthly basis. And then how much you want to pay as a performance bonus at the end of that annual contract.


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