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5 Easy Measures for Your Essential Small Business to Implement during COVID-19 Stay at Home Orders

covid 19 safe practices for your essential business

While many businesses are being forced to temporarily shut their doors in response to COVID-19, essential businesses are still functioning and keeping their doors open. Even at limited capacity, there are things your essential small business can do to ensure safety and ultimate social distancing. Read on to find 5 easy measures to implement for ultimate safety operations:

1. Make a Line

As many grocery stores are adapting around the world, make a 6 foot mark to remind customers and employees to keep 6 feet away. You can do this with masking tape or a fun sign taped to the floor! Many stores are also placing staff to practice safe line control to ensure customers are keeping the recommended 6 feet apart distance.

2. Make a Statement

You’re probably getting tons of emails from companies you haven’t shopped from in years. However, it’s good to make a statement to keep your customers informed! At your physical location, have a sign on the door stating what your COVID-19 policy is for customers to see as they enter. Send out an email, but also remember to utilize social media to keep customers updated! Google also has options to change your hours necessarily to account for limited operations you may have. Here’s a template statement letter:

To Our Loyal Patrons of (Your Company),

As an essential business, our doors will remain open. However, we’ve adopted some new policies to ensure the safety of you and our employees. These include (name your policies). We thank you for your cooperation, and we are here for you during this unprecedented time! Stay safe and healthy!


(Your Company)

3. Consider Other Methods of Delivery

Consider how you typically deliver your product or service. While this may be different for each type of essential business, are there additional measures you could implement to ensure maximized social distancing? Remember COVID-19 can live on some surfaces up to several days. The less contact, the better!

4. Clean, Clean, Clean!

You were probably doing this one extra already, but now is a great time to do some extra cleaning. These could even be part of your new safety measures! For example, after every customer, you wipe down the counter they went to and frequently wipe down door handles as customers enter and exit. These small steps will be noticed by customers, and they will appreciate it!

5. Smile!

A smile can go a long way today. It’s a sad and lonely time for many, and a quick smile not only sells great customer service, but it can temporarily alleviate any anxiety a customer might be facing for having to leave their home. Now more than ever, your customer service skills will reflect who you are as a company!


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