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Be the Ambulance: Business Crisis Management

Leading Your Team During Coronavirus

When your health is in danger, an ambulance comes to help.

Paramedics and emergency room doctors know exactly what to do. They've been training for years to help you get well again!

What about your agency?

Who comes to help your crisis management?

Sure, you could hire a management consultant, but will they only calm the waters until the next crisis?

COVID-19 is also a mental health emergency. As social beings, we rely so much on human touch. With social distancing, masks hiding smiles, and the atmosphere of tension, it can be difficult in an office setting to overcome anxiety.

We spoke with Judith McFadden - a mental health coach who works with patients to unlock their inner pains in their daily lives. We asked her about crisis management in businesses, and shared some amazing tips with us!

Business Leaders - Take Care of YOUR Health

You're a leader!

People rely on you... this can be stressful, we understand!

Especially in the times of coronavirus, it's more important than ever to prioritize your mental health!

Judith talks about the importance of self care today:

"The good old saying of 'put your own oxygen mask on before helping others' rings so true right now. We cannot lead our teams if our energy is low. Boundaries, appropriate delegation and taking time to do things we love are very important."

How are you taking the time to self-care?

What kinds of boundaries can you set at the office to lift employee morale?

Can you extend deadlines or simplify tasks to provide reprieve?

Give yourself a break!

It's okay to rest. It's okay to rest. It's okay to rest.

Say it three times, breathe, then go lead your team!

Leading Your Employees

As we ease back into a "new normal," it can be overwhelming to understand your employees' individual needs.

There are many things they may need to consider before returning back to the office.

Judith advises:

"Being as flexible as possible is paramount. Showing understanding to changing needs with childcare, shielding for vulnerable family members and general anxiety levels. Our people are all dealing with different situations and we can be open to them."

You know your team, and you can work with them to help them get their work done without causing additional anxiety.

Judith suggests remote working is a great way to start! Even if this isn’t 100% possible, are there any tasks they can do at home so they spend fewer hours in the physical office?

Can you host team get togethers using tools like Zoom or Skype?

Judith also urges leaders to provide “access to a physical and emotional wellness service online or in person” to help employees deal with new anxiety they might be experiencing from the situation.

For more tips on team engagement, click here.

The Bottom Line

Judith brings it home with bringing together leadership and mental health in the times of coronavirus:

"The most important thing for our teams is to show them that we care. That they FEEL appreciated. This has to be done in a number of ways to make sure we reach ALL of our people. For example a cash bonus won't float everyone's boat (surprising, yet true) but a well crafted message of thanks will or a 1:1phone call. I use the love languages process here and aim to use all 5 at some point or other so I hit the spot of all of them. When we respect and support our team appropriately, they will support us. For us as leaders, boundaries and balance is key."

Thank you so much, Judith, for taking the time to answer these questions and provide guide to leaders everywhere!

More about Judith McFadden Coaching

“The work I do with people helps to find the root cause of issues they are currently struggling with in their lives and undo the negative effect that the 'pain point' from the past has left them dealing with in their daily life today”


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