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Happy on Mondays - Guest Post by Mimi Boyer

Happy on Mondays

Happy on Mondays is a movement, a coaching business and most of all, my life mission.

I believe the world would be a better place if everyone was Happy on Mondays.

I’m Mimi Boyer, a Master Life & Success Coach, business coach, and Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis.

I help ambitious entrepreneurs magnetize successful business so they can be Happy on Mondays.

With over 6 years in corporate sales, a side hustle turned into a main hustle in just 3 months, I bring an energetic human approach to online business, mixed with powerful mindset techniques to get my clients over their fears and limiting beliefs holding them back.

I focus on helping my clients unleash their magnetic personality online to draw clients into their business easily and effortlessly.

My clients recognize me because of my contagious energy, my positive mindset, and unshakeable commitment to helping entrepreneurs build their dream life and business so that they can find Happiness on Mondays.


“Working with Mimi has changed my life. She offered the right support to get me into momentum and never looking back. With her guidance I was able to triple my enrollment for my group coaching program within two months and truly show up for my clients. I have my sights set on bigger things than I ever thought possible and it’s because Mimi believed in me enough so that I could believe in myself.”
- Meghan Bonhomme

“"I went from having clients who weren't committed, to signing my first high-ticket client and being well on my way to full-time in my business"
- Mila Komarova

“ I stepped into the identity of a super successful coach and now I feel so confident within myself and it’s showing off! I have signed my very first paying client within 10 days of the Get Paid Challenge and I feel so authentic and confident with who I am and how I serve the world.”
- Ruta Stasiunaite

“ Mimi was exactly what I needed. I had been looking for a business coach to help me get beyond some mental blocks in my business. At first she was extremely hesitant to work with me as I was an accountant and she had never coached an accountant before. But, once I convinced her that we had to work together it was the beginnings of an amazing client relationship. Not only did Mimi help me realize that I needed to make a career shift but that I was offering so much to my current clients that I could offer to new clients. So, I sold my accounting practice and started my new business as a fractional CFO. it has been an amazing 4 months since we began working together and I know that from working with her I will be truly Happy on Mondays again. Thank you Mimi, for being understanding, confident and thoughtful as you worked with me and for helping me move into the next phase of my professional career. By the way, I couldn't recommend Mimi any more. She is a bright light in the darkness. #CFOAdam
-Adam Knihtila

Mimi has a seriously contagious joy factor, in the best way possible. I have been working with Mimi to become an online coach since deciding to bring my business online. Mimi always checks in with me, she responds to my questions, she over delivers every time. I absolutely believe that Mimi wants me to succeed. She is an embodiment of what an online coach is. She is a force for good and has helped me to become a successful online coach! I've absolutely loved working with Mimi!
-Mel Tranter

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