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NFTs, Crypto and Powerful Impact on 2021 Taxes

Crypto Will Impact 2021 Tax Returns
Crypto Will Impact 2021 Tax Returns

2021 was all about the crypto markets and NFTs. But, what does all of that mean when it comes to how crypto will impact 2021 tax returns? Whether buying, selling, trading, swapping, converting, exchanging, etc. you need to understand how crypto affects your taxes and what information you need to provide to your accountant.

Here are some things that YOU need to do

  • Track EVERY transaction that you make with Crypto, NFTs, etc.

  • Report EVERY transaction that you make with Crypto, NFTs, etc.

  • Understand WHAT is a taxable transaction

  • Understand WHAT isn’t a taxable transaction

  • Use a professional to prepare your taxes that understands Crypto, NFTs, etc.

  • Educate yourself BEFORE investing

What is a Taxable Transaction?

  • Selling Crypto or an NFT and receiving fiat currency

  • Selling Crypto or an NFT and receiving crypto or an NFT

  • Buying an NFT with crypto

  • Swapping from one Crypto to another

  • If you use terms like Convert, Trade, Exchange, Burn, etc. it is likely a taxable transaction

What isn't a Taxable Transaction?

  • Transferring Crypto or an NFT from one wallet that you own to another wallet you own

  • Buying crypto with fiat currency

  • HODLing

Educate yourself, Educate yourself, Educate yourself

Here is a great resource from Work From Home Financial to track all of your crypto transactions in one easy place!

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